Maxcom T Function Spcification    





  Maxcom Tseries helps gain access to facilitate programming due to its top-notch mathematic and arithmetic functions.
It is compatable with the IBM family of personal computers through which on-line monitoring is accessible.
No special programming or equiment is required.
  Maxcom T series is so compact that it can be directly mounted to a machine or line. Despite its compactness, it is available even for mid and large-sized control jobs.
Maxcom T series is also connectable to an operator interface unitwith color-graphic function, letting you run your operation even faster and more productively or keep close tabs on every process step and every I/O function in the system without changing plant monitoring personal to their stations.
  When connected, Maxcom T series enables expanding the input/output point up to 256. With a full, variety of I/O units available, it enables users to select them for their applications.
This flexibility and compact size makes it possibe to use smaller, less expensive panels. (4 slot, 6 slot, 8 slot,10 slot, Type)